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Wrapid Franchise and Licensing

Wrapid Franchise and Licensing Wrapid Franchise and Licensing

Wrapid Franchise and Licensing

Wrapid International Franchising

Franchising Opportunities

Opening Doors For Your Franchise

Franchise arrangements with Autogrill / Host for UK sites in Airports and Rail. Wrapid has also a Franchise in the UAE with Al Khaja Group which to-date has opened 5 Franchised sites.


Wrapid has Design / Brand Manuals, Training Manuals and Full Branding, Point of Sale and Branded Packaging to support it’s brand position. International Franchise Agreements are in place info@wrapid.com


“Our Ethnic stuffed Hand Held World Food range from Wrapid are for lovers of gourmet food, not only are our wraps superior in quality and in taste but perfect for a busy life style- hand held food in a unique original flatbread served piping hot, on sale cold and a range of great snacks- what more do you want?”

Stephen Minall - The Maven /Founder


If you want to discuss a National deal or International Territory rights for Wrapid. Please drop us a line at info@wrapid.com  for an honest and upfront response to your initial request.


We are really only interested in Multi Site development outside UK with those Companies or Individuals with a track record in Retail Catering or Access to existing Operators in this field.

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